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Author: Scott Klein


Haywire artist at New York Comic Con

Haywire comic artist Victor Castro will be at New York Comic Con this October 13-16 at the Javits Center in Midtown Manhattan. Victor will be in Artist's Alley at table G7 with DC/Marvel colorist Tom Chu. Stop on by and tell Victor how much you lo... Read more [...]

Episode #11 takes home Drama of the Week

For the 4th time in Season One, Haywire took home Indie Intertube's Drama of the Week on the September 7th show. Episode #11: Homecoming features now award winning performances from actors Rebecca Nyahay (Nikki), Jessica Buck (Cassie) and Anne Con... Read more [...]
August 29, 2011 Posted by Scott in News

Season Finale shoots again

The weekend of August 20th and 21st brought the crew of Haywire together once again to shoot the second portion of Haywire's Season One finale, "Convergence". This section brought together the characters of Annie (Colleen Conroy), Madeline (Donna ... Read more [...]
August 14, 2011 Posted by Scott in News

The beginning of the end of the beginning

This Saturday, the core crew assembled with a varied cast in Montgomery, NY to begin shooting the final episode of the first season of Haywire. What a journey it has been. Ronald Trapani, Michael Edan, Gabe Fieramosco, Vince Umbrino, A.M. Peterkin... Read more [...]
July 10, 2011 Posted by Scott in News

Episode #10, wrapped and coming at you!

Two sides of a coin. The last time we saw the characters of Trick Moran, Kate Sebring, Russell Phelan and Rodney Eingurt, they were ready to head out from their covert briefing into the maelstrom of Monroe in Episode #7. That shoot was on the Mont... Read more [...]
July 8, 2011 Posted by Scott in News

Episode #9 receives Drama Of The Week honor

Haywire Episode 9: The Ties That Bind arrived in style, receiving Indie Intertube's Drama Of The Week honor on their July 6th show. This marks the second consecutive episode to receive the honor and the third overall. You can hear what hosts Desti... Read more [...]
June 21, 2011 Posted by Scott in News

Hunting Season, Haywire Style

Cameras rolled on Episode #10: Getting A Head this past weekend on the Lenihan estate up in Montgomery, NY. Day one of a shoot to be continued in early July welcomed two new players into the fold - Yani Tsakos and Jim Reynolds - who instantly ceme... Read more [...]
June 13, 2011 Posted by Scott in News

Episode #11 wraps on the heels of a 10k views honor

Cameras rolled just after word came in that Haywire logged another viewership burst on, scoring the honor of the most watched show of the day with over 10,000 views in a twenty-four hour period. Nothing like a little fuel to get wheels... Read more [...]
June 2, 2011 Posted by Scott in News

Haywire Episode #8 wins Indie Intertube's 'Drama Of The Week'

Haywire Episode #8: Rules To Live By scored the coveted 'Drama of the Week' award from web series gurus Indie Intertube. Take a listen to what they had to say in this snippet of their 71st episode! This marks the second time Haywire has garnered t... Read more [...]
May 6, 2011 Posted by Scott in News

Poll: What is your favorite Haywire-ism?

Which Haywire-loop-induced blurb is the fans' favorite? Cast your vote here and let's see! Read more [...]