Hunting Season, Haywire Style

Cameras rolled on Episode #10: Getting A Head this past weekend on the Lenihan estate up in Montgomery, NY. Day one of a shoot to be continued in early July welcomed two new players into the fold - Yani Tsakos and Jim Reynolds - who instantly cemented their place among the memorable rogues gallery that is Haywire. 


Jim Reynolds, John Lenihan & Yani Tsakos

There was running and shooting and chicken buckets and knives - basically fun for the whole family! How do said items all fit together? You'll have to wait and see! Episode #10 drops on August 1st.


Things We Learned

  • The sound of a rifle cocking is unnerving - no bullets required.
  • Good camouflage works, even in HD.
  • Jim can catch a casually tossed chicken bucket... "every time".

Special condolences to DP Lou Martinez, whose camera took a tumble, suffering day-ending damage. Kudos to backup camera "Nottloo" for finishing the day in style.




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