Episode #9 receives Drama Of The Week honor

Haywire Episode 9: The Ties That Bind arrived in style, receiving Indie Intertube's Drama Of The Week honor on their July 6th show. This marks the second consecutive episode to receive the honor and the third overall. You can hear what hosts Destini and Shadhavar had to say right here!

The song that accompanies the final scene and end credits caught the attention of our Indie Intertube friends and is getting a bunch of positive feedback from all over Haywire Land. The tune is called Only The Lonely, and it is written and performed by Haywire's own Misti Dawn Garritano (Leah in episodes 3 and 6). You can check out a whole bunch more of Misti's music on her site by clicking HERE!

Congratulations to the entire Haywire Episode #9 cast and crew. Now raise your glasses and... CHEERS!

Sky's the limit!

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