Episode #10, wrapped and coming at you!

Two sides of a coin. The last time we saw the characters of Trick Moran, Kate Sebring, Russell Phelan and Rodney Eingurt, they were ready to head out from their covert briefing into the maelstrom of Monroe in Episode #7. That shoot was on the Montgomery, NY property of writer/director John Lenihan in March, where temperatures in the studio dipped to somewhere in the lower thirties/upper twenties. This past weekend, most of the same stalwart actors and crew members assembled on those same grounds on a sunny day in the eighties to complete the next installment of that tale. The weather wasn't the only drastic change.

Prepare for running and gunfire and all types of fun when Episode #10: Getting A Head premieres in just 21 days, on August 1st. These unsuspecting characters are in Haywire World now, and things are about to get wacky.

Some things learned on the set of Episode #10

  • Watermelon makes some fantastic foley sounds 
  • Wood stairs are slippery when wet, and not in the Bon Jovi album kind of way
  • One cicada is loud enough to make audio post production hell
  • It can take longer to set up a jib than to get the shot if you get lucky on the first take
  • The beetles on John's lawn are big enough to have actually played in the band
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