The beginning of the end of the beginning

This Saturday, the core crew assembled with a varied cast in Montgomery, NY to begin shooting the final episode of the first season of Haywire. What a journey it has been.


Ronald Trapani, Michael Edan, Gabe Fieramosco, Vince Umbrino, A.M. Peterkins, John Lenihan and Ken Sharp

The episode is called Convergence, and it is just that. Characters from different story threads coming face to face wrapped in ensemble goodness; the culmination of stories the creative team spoke about over a year ago when the thought of Episode #12 was so often followed by "well... when we get there". It is indeed a thrill to see it come together and watch the interaction of characters we've seen for what seems like forever played by actors that in several cases only knew each other from watching each other's episodes. 

Throw all of that under a tent on a lovely summer day in an open park with some fantastic pasta salad and a wedge of watermelon and I'm a happy camper. 

So here's to the beginning of the end! Looking forward to next weekend and the end of the end of the beginning. Or something like that.

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