Season Finale shoots again

The weekend of August 20th and 21st brought the crew of Haywire together once again to shoot the second portion of Haywire's Season One finale, "Convergence". This section brought together the characters of Annie (Colleen Conroy), Madeline (Donna Polichetti), Howard (Sal Polichetti), and Gracie (Larissa Laurel) on Lois Lane right here in Monroe for some good, clean, wholesome, shock-less fun. I'm lying about that last part.

Donna Polichetti, Colleen Conroy and Sal Polichetti

There's some great stuff to be seen - I've got stills I'm dying to show -  but you're just going to have to wait for the grand unveiling on October 1st! In the meanwhile, Haywire faithful, don't forget to catch Episode #11 in just a couple of days. 

Things we learned on set

  • A Home Depot wagon can haul a corpse. We'll explain later.
  • A cleaver anywhere outside a kitchen is creepy.
  • Make-up FX are probably good if someone stops and asks "what happened?"
  • Sometimes the gods give you crows when you don't want them, but give you thunder when you do.
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