Episode 24: Supersize It

Episode 24 drops at midnight tomorrow, and it's big.

Way back when, before we started this crazy ride, there was many a discussion on how long episodes should be. Conventional wisdom of the format was to stay brief. Get your clicks and get out. Most of the web series field still submits to that theory and I'm not here to argue against it. I love the quick video at lunch or via your phone while you're waiting on someone or something. In fact, the brevity of the format was one of the major appeals going into this. How much easier is this going to be then the feature length project we had just come off of! And so certainly under 10 minutes was the thought and let's see if we can come in around 5 on average. And we did. Episode 1 is 4:42. Well that didn't last. We quickly ramped up to around 7 minutes and we even dropped in a 14 minute epic with Episode 9. I was convinced we were off the rails and had to get back on track. Everyone else was delivering 3 to 5 minutes while we were starting to make film shorts and quick and easy was out the window. It was clear that we weren't like everybody else. And then something strange happened. "This is a problem" (usually from me) turned into "oh well" and we just kept doing our thing. Sure we want to be efficient, to not run ourselves into the ground and to keep scripts short, but we also want to deliver something that satisfies. If that sneaks past 10 minutes, so be it.

Now all of that said, we went a little nuts with this one. Our penultimate Season 3 episode clocks in at over 20 minutes. This not only makes it the longest Haywire Episode on record, but it enabled me to use "penultimate" in a sentence. There is a bunch of stuff I want to write about and some great behind-the-scenes photos from this one, but there's no way I'm spoiling it. I'll make an extra effort to whip out another post after the episode is released if time allows. Hey, the Season Finale is not too far away and I got me some work to do!

In the meantime, here's a couple of cool pics that don't give it all away. Cheers!

Scott in Church

Gabe & Steve in gazebo
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