Behind the Scenes: Episode 23

A special treat this month! We've whipped up a little behind-the-scenes video clip from Episode 23: "Slipping Away". What's that? You haven't watched Episode 23? Well you're going to have to if you want this to make any sense! Just click on the link here and we'll wait for you to catch up.

Episode 23

Done? OK, good. So since this post is all about behind the scenes, let's talk behind the scenes. The episode leads with Toby and Dan continuing their season-long scuffle. Well that's the setting of our video clip, but we'll get to that at the end. The shoot itself started with some greenscreen work and a whole lot of belly flopping onto a mat in my front yard. Cheers to Steve for taking the lumps.

Steve & Gabe greenscreen

Gracie and Leah's story continues with "Out and About", shot in Gonzaga Park up here near Monroe. The walk-and-talk required some smooth steadycam work by our DP Loo Martinez.

SteadyCam Misti Scott & Larissa

Gonzaga also served as the location of the literal crossroads in "The Needs of the Many". The opening shot made use of our jib rig to get the lens way up high to see the diverging path. Many thanks to Ron Trapani, Rebecca Nyahay, Ken Sharp, and our valiant crew for sticking it out on a rainy afternoon.

Ron Rebecca & Ken

The episode closes with Trick in dire straights in the underground military lab. We can't thank Ken Sharp enough for the construction of that fantastic set, complete with an openable bookshelf enabling us to load gear in and out and a custom made wall incorporating the portal entrance and a fitted LED light panel cutout. It was most excellent.

Anthony Ann Marie & John

So now that you've watched the episode and heard a little about its making, have a look-see at a little video clip from the Toby/Dan fight at the cliff. A little background: The idea was to get a shot of Dan tossing the baseball bat from up on the cliff right at the lens of the camera set up at the base below. The bat for this shot was a prop, but from that height and distance, it could still do some damage to a camera. Enter the GoPro. I've handed this thing a beating in the past, so I felt pretty comfortable that it could take a hit if need be. Granted I didn't WANT it to, but I was willing to roll the dice with the GoPro over my Canon. Liz Martinez is on the slate, Arlene is on the mic, Loo is manning the iPad to control the GoPro and I am standing behind the tripod to secure the rig. Have a look.

Behind the Scenes: The Bat Toss
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