21 and Over

  Vince checks timeHappy New Year, all. It's almost time. 2015 is upon us and so is Episode 21 of the saga that is Haywire. Vince (aka Major Phelan) over here is checking his watch and  so should you, 'cause the real fun is about to begin.

We'll be coming your way on the first of the month from here on in 'til we're through with Season 3. As always, we want to hear your thoughts as you take the ride, so we'd love for you to leave your comments on the YouTube videos, on Facebook, or by email to haywireseries@gmail.com. It keeps us warm through the cold winter's nights.

So while I have your attention, let's talk Episode 21. Trick's down in that creepy lab and lord knows what he's going to uncover. We'll be sure to hop back down there so you can see for yourself. I assure you, it is a game changer.

Well cast

Meanwhile, we are in the middle of a standoff at the well. Nikki, Manny and Doc Eingurt have found their marks, but Quinn and Caroline don't look too keen on cooperating. A little tension perhaps? Nikki needs that elixer, Eingurt needs answers, and Quinn is carrying the "cure" along with one hell of a grudge.

We'll return to the scene and see how this plays out in "The Well: Part 2".

Can of Worms cast

And what of Annie and Joe? They've got problems of their own and questions for Leah and Gracie for sure. Annie's looking for a ray of hope that Joe is promising only Gracie's fantastic abilities can provide.

We'll finally return to the home of Leah and Gracie in "Can of Worms" for a meeting that's going to have a serious ripple effect 'til Haywire's end.

And as if that isn't enough, the bell sounds for Round 1 of the epic battle of the titans. It's Toby vs Dan the Delivery Man and it's all "Kaiju Asked For It".

And yes, I love bad puns.

Happy New Year!
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