Episode #11 wraps on the heels of a 10k views honor

Cameras rolled just after word came in that Haywire logged another viewership burst on Koldcast.tv, scoring the honor of the most watched show of the day with over 10,000 views in a twenty-four hour period. Nothing like a little fuel to get wheels rolling.

Episode #11: Homecoming, shot in Teaneck, NJ at the childhood home of Director Scott Klein, catches up with Nikki (Rebecca Nyahay) and Cassie (Jessica Buck) looking for safe harbor at Cassie's house. 


Rebecca Nyahay, Anne Connolly & Jessica Buck

Shot over the course of two days, the shoot benefitted from the gloomy weather and overcast skies that held off the typical obstacles - lawnmowers and glaring sunlight. At least for awhile. It didn't take long for the green-thumbs to fire up the weed wackers when the sun returned for a spell on Sunday just to keep things interesting. 

Speaking of returns, Lights Out warmly welcomed back Anne Connolly, who made her debut with us over 10 years ago in our first film, The Risen. We're pretty sure when you see Homecoming, you'll know why we missed her so! Episode #11 debuts on 9/1/11.

And because we always learn something...

Things we learned on the Episode #11 shoot:

  • The 50mm lens makes everyone prettier, with that Star Trek Original Series dreamy glow used on all of the female stars. In honor, we have dubbed that lens "The Kirk".
  • You can fit three actors, a director, a DP and an audio tech in a tiny kitchen... if you stick Lou behind the refrigerator and Arlene on a ladder.
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