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Author: Scott Klein

August 26, 2012 Posted by Scott in News

Starting strong

Saturday was shoot day for what will be the opening sequence of Haywire's Season 2, and it was far from ordinary for Team Lights Out. Tech ambitious is a good way to put a shoot that required every light we own (and a few borrowed), multi-stage bl... Read more [...]
June 5, 2012 Posted by Scott in News

Welcome to Willie Hebert's bar

Another major story thread completed principal photography as cast and crew put in a full day on the set of the basement bar of Willie Hebert, the leader of haywired Monroe's self appointed militia. Ronald Trapani, Ken Sharp, Jessica Buck, Michael... Read more [...]
May 9, 2012 Posted by Scott in News

The Searcher's Guild returns

Among Season One's more memorable moments was the appearance of those creepy door-to-door pamphlet pushers in Episode 8: Rules To Live By. That was just a taste of the mysterious group known as The Searcher's Guild. Production continued on Season ... Read more [...]
April 17, 2012 Posted by Scott in News

Misti Dawn live in NYC

Among the most memorable moments of Haywire's first season was Caroline bidding farewell to Gracie and following her son Alex down a long and sorrowful path to the strains of a beautuful song titled Only The Lonely. What you might not know is that... Read more [...]
April 11, 2012 Posted by Scott in News

Production hits its stride

Sections of four episodes have been completed as Haywire rolls full steam into production on Season 2. Haywire's second season will feature a great deal of story weaving, touching on multiple threads in each episode, a format utilized in Season 1'... Read more [...]
March 26, 2012 Posted by Scott in News

Season 2 rolls

On Sunday, March 25th, cameras rolled for the first time on Season 2 of Haywire. That's right - we're back. Ordinarily I would be talking of shaking off rust, but it just didn't seem to be the case this time. Cast and crew rolled into Maria's Brea... Read more [...]

Awards season brings nominations

Indie Intertube, a premiere internet radio show dedicated to the best that the web series world has to offer, has recognized Haywire with 4 nominations for its 2nd Annual Awards. When the awards show airs on Sunday, March 11th at 7pm EST on Mingle... Read more [...]
January 22, 2012 Posted by Scott in News

Season Two preview wraps

So it snowed. A winter of nothing thus far in the Monroe area, but on shoot day? Sure, why not. Kudos and thanks to several cast and crew members who made every reasonable effort to get to the shoot - you're all troopers and we'll see you soon. Wi... Read more [...]

A new beginning

Told you it wouldn't be long. So where were we? The finale! Right! Episode #12: Convergence landed Haywire its 5th Drama of the Week Award from Indie Intertube. Not long after the credits rolled, an article in the Photo News, a local Monroe area n... Read more [...]
October 4, 2011 Posted by Scott in News

That's a Wrap

The Haywire family gathered in Monroe on Saturday for the Season One wrap party, celebrating the release of the finale episode, "Convergence". Cast, crew and family watched the entire season in order, culminating with the premiere of Episode #12. ... Read more [...]