Season Two preview wraps

So it snowed. A winter of nothing thus far in the Monroe area, but on shoot day? Sure, why not. Kudos and thanks to several cast and crew members who made every reasonable effort to get to the shoot - you're all troopers and we'll see you soon. 

With a group of folks already in the Monroe area and some (okay, alot) of modifications to the plan, a team of six provided cast and crew for the first preview of Season Two of Haywire.


Arlene So, Liz Martinez, Lu Martinez, Jillian Phipps & Dee Wassell.

An official welcome to new crew members Dee Wassell and Jillian Phipps. Thanks for enduring the weather and rolling with the punches to make it happen. Good times ahead, guaranteed.

And so it begins. A lot of work to be done, but the wheels are rolling. We've got plans. Big plans. We're looking forward to seeing them come alive and bringing them to you.


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