The Searcher's Guild returns

Among Season One's more memorable moments was the appearance of those creepy door-to-door pamphlet pushers in Episode 8: Rules To Live By. That was just a taste of the mysterious group known as The Searcher's Guild. 

Production continued on Season Two this past weekend at Lake Kanawaukie in Harriman State Park. Familiar Season One players were joined by some colorful new characters and a spirited group of extras for a full weekend shoot that ranks among Haywire's most ambitious efforts to date.


Jenn Crane Turner, Nilla Watkins and Matt McCarthy

A huge thanks goes out to cast and crew, old and new, for a fantastic effort. We rolled in, shot a mini-epic and rolled out in one piece! Cheers to all as we take Haywire to the next level.


Nate Mengaziol

PS - so many images to show, so many spoilers that prevent it! Hang in there - it will be worth the wait.

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