Welcome to Willie Hebert's bar

Another major story thread completed principal photography as cast and crew put in a full day on the set of the basement bar of Willie Hebert, the leader of haywired Monroe's self appointed militia.


Ronald Trapani, Ken Sharp, Jessica Buck, Michael Edan, Gabe Fieramosco, and Rebecca Nyahay

With perhaps the most complex lighting set up in Haywire to date, the segment, slated for Episode #19, finds an unlikely mix of characters jockeying for position in the increasingly strange world of post-event Monroe. And the best part of shooting in your own bar? Don't have to go too far for those now traditional post-Haywire drinks!


The totally rockin' Haywire crew

With this one in the books, a portion of each of the season's eight episodes has been shot. Welcome, Summer of Season Two. This train is rolling.


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