Artists join the fray; Haywire intro in the works

Pretty much since the inception, it has been the plan to begin every episode of Haywire with a standard intro that serves as an orienting summary of how the Haywire world began. With 4 to 10 minute episodes, there is precious little time for "What's this about? What's going on here?". We want to tell you what's up and then get you right into the fun. In the 70s, we always got that Brady Bunch type intro set to a catchy theme song that told you what the deal was. As cheesy as it was, I knew that Mike was single with three boys, Carol was single with three girls, they met, and wackiness ensued, all in about a minute. I like the efficiency.

With Haywire, we are provided with a challenge. Big budget concepts on web series budgets can easily come off as biting off more than you can chew. That is one of multiple factors that led me to envision the intro being done with comic book art. Through the use of sequential art, we can convey visually everything we would want to capture on camera in a creative way without compromise. Enter our comic artists.

Penciler Victor L. Castro Jr. and inker Steven Hoveke are hard at work bringing the Haywire intro to life just as I hoped and imagined. Here is a quick glimps at their work in the form of a pinup of the Marvel baddy, Thanos.


Victor and Steve have a lot of good stuff coming down the pipe that I recommend you take a gander at, including several projects by Steve under the banner of his Square 1 Press and upcoming work by the duo for Platinum Studios. If you happen to be hitting the comic convention circuit, be sure to stop by the Square 1 booth and take a look at their work.

New York Comic Con: Oct 8-10 (Booth #2384)

Long Beach Comic Con: Oct 29-31 (Booth #348)


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