Premiere episode comes to life

The episode entitled The Gardener at long last went in front of the lens this past weekend on location in Monroe, NY. I say "at long last" because while The Gardener will be the first Haywire installment sequentially, it is not the first chronologically and is the fourth episode to hit production. Since the story was the very first Haywire concept to enter my head, it felt like a long time coming. In retrospect, it was a blessing in disguise. The nature of the story provided some unique lighting conditions and choreography, and a contracted and tricky schedule begged a loose shooting style that we were much better suited to tackle several shoots into this fine Haywire endeavor. Establishing a flow and style before tackling this one was a wise choice, and casting properly is always the saving grace. We had another bunch of talented people with a positive energy that you pray for as a director. That and a great crew make you feel like anything is possible.


From left: John Lenihan, Dan Reilly, Luis Martinez, and Arlene So

Some of what helped feed that mojo is the nature of what we aimed to capture over the course of two days. Running, yelling, tackling, arguing, and fairly nasty surprises tend to keep folks engaged. This was not talking heads we were dealing with. In addition to Marc Daniels returning to portray the initial appearance of the character ALEX from the Return To Sender episode, Donna and Sal Polichetti return to reprise MADELINE and HOWARD, two of the characters introduced in Preview #2. Brandon McCluskey joins the cast in the episode to portray protagonist CONNER, and Andrea Alton brings to life the title character of THE GARDENER. Also joining the fun are LightsOut veterans Rebecca Nyahay as NIKKI and Colleen Conroy as ANNIE.

From left: Bradon McCluskey, Rebecca Nyahay, Colleen Conroy, Sal Polichetti, and Donna Polichetti

So ahead lies a short insert shoot and all of the post production fun. With any luck, The Gardener will kick off Haywire on Halloween Eve, a little over a month from today. So tell your friends, tell your enemies, tell the nice people that insist on telling you every day in October that its starting to get chilly outside. 

Haywire is coming.




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