Delivery day

Shooting continued Saturday on Haywire's Return To Sender, slated to run as episode #3. We were blessed with a day very similar to the one on which we shot the other exteriors for the episode, so let me start with thanks to the continuity gods. Additional thanks for a police-free day - that's a two shoot streak we've got going.

The shoot covered the beginning of the episode, introducing the character DAN the delivery man, played by Steve Hoveke. As several of the day's shots took place before the Haywire event which shuts down all electrical activity, catching cars and tech sounds in the background was not the usual problem. Of course it felt like there weren't nearly as many cars rolling by as the last shoot, but isn't it always just that way?


DAN's introduction also involves a quick interruption by a local teen insult-flinging bike rider played by Cassie Searle. The few seconds of her screen time was great fun for us long-time LightsOut folk, as Cassie started with us in 2000 at around 11 years old in our first film, The Risen as the Locket Girl. Now 20 years old, Cassie popped back in for a cameo to help us out and make me feel old.

Also returning were Deirdre Brooks, Jacqueline Kreh and Rebecca Kreh from Preview #1, giving us a peak at the characters before the twins started demanding "what's for dinner?". It occurred to us that the previews could be utilized not only as a promotional peek into the look and vibe of the series, but as an extra of sorts, showing moments in the lives of characters that also appear within the continuity of the series. Expect to see MADDY, HOWARD and THE JOGGER from Preview #2 within the series as well.


Haywire production continues on the weekend of September 25th and 26th with principal photography on the pilot episode, The Gardener. To stay updated, subscribe to this blog by clicking on the subscribe button on the right and get notified of new posts by e-mail.

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