The Path most traveled

Tired and fortunate. That's how I feel the day after principal photography on The Beaten Path. Tired because a 13 hour film day will do that to me and fortunate because everyone involved was just so damn cool. Crew and cast came together and felt like one big group clan totally into making this little episode of Haywire something special, and you just can't ask for more. Time, effort, and talent in abundance. Oh, and fortitude comes to mind as well. Allow me to paint the picture of some of the goodies the fates had in store for us this time.

  • Ridiculous foot and bike traffic along our location section of the Heritage Trail. Looked like the highways on the Jetsons sometimes. And I have to ask: if you passed through a film crew that obviously had to stop and hold up everything until you passed through, would you really just bike another 500 yards and then turn around and come back through past the 6'8" hillbilly with a Louisville Slugger beating on a hiker?
  • Mid-day thunderstorm that for some reason did not deter the Jetsons. One crew had ponchos, which can only mean that they planned on going out for a ride in the rain. Fascinating.
  • Poison Ivy on the fence we planned on using. Why not?

And of course... a visit from a friendly member of the local authorities. On a bike. We have three large hillbillies, a bloodied man bound to a chain-link fence and a battered woman with a nasty headwound.  He leads off with "Who's the ringleader?". Sigh.

But none of it mattered. The bikers came and went and we shot around them. The thunderstorm gave a creepy look to the affair. We found a section of the fence without poison ivy. The policeman took my card and stayed to watch for awhile.


Tired and fortunate.

I'm particularly excited about what we captured yesterday. It was sad and scary and exciting and dark and we smiled and laughed through it all. Just a great day, and I can't wait to share it. If I don't hack the edit and the rest of the post, we've got something great to unveil. Stick with us.

Pictured above from left to right:

Gabe Fieramosco, Jennifer Crane-Turner, Matt McCarthy, Scott Klein (me), Michael Edan, and Ronald Trapani



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