Haywire leaps forward... literally

Cameras rolled on a second preview this past Sunday, July 18th on the sizzling pavement at the top of Timber Hills condo complex in Monroe, NY, but not before some local resistance in the morning hours.

Shortly after settling the car we would be filming in the pre-planned spot in the lot and unloading gear from the nearby SUV, a Monroe police squad car rolled up. This is the indy film eqivelant of a drug bust. Was it the fact that there was a fire hydrant at the corner of the parking spot? The various bags of film equipment? Maybe the ten 50lb bags of sand we unloaded? Nope. Apparently the 10x10 canopy tent we had set up on the common lawn to keep cast and crew from passing out in the heat was enough to alert the locals. After a short explanation by Lou that he in fact lived in the complex and that we were just using it for shade for our shoot, we got the standard reaction: "Whatcha shooting?" Sigh. And then off he went.

Fast forward about 10 minutes. A car rolls up with a man identifying himself as a condo board member. His phone has been ringing all morning with complaints of people setting up a tent. Campers beware, apparently. Another explanation is followed with a warning that people will definitely be by asking us to take it down. And then off he went. Game on.


Sal and Donna Polichetti braved the morning heat bringing HOWARD and MADELINE to life, rushing across the lot to the car as some locals began to take interest. Two young ladies from a window: "Whatcha shooting?" Sigh. And then an older gentleman on his deck who is suddenly armed with a camera of his own, apparently capturing the whole process. It seem that we've gone from dangerous hoodlums setting up a kegger to the day's entertainment. Hey, as long as we can stay.

After nailing the car approach, the real fun begins. Bring on the haywire of the day, LightsOut vet Qraig DeGroot. What follows are endless door slams, car hood vaults, and crash matt landings. There is blood, sweat, and fortunately no tears. We wrap at around dinner time with no one hurt, no one arrested, and the shot list exhausted. A great day.


The finished product will serve multiple purposes. It will be released as a second preview for the series, giving another taste of the series and its characters, as well as fitting into the series itself in the form of fractured call backs and epilogues within episodes. Can't wait for folks to see it!

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