New faces, roles, and possibilities

Cameras role on another episode of Haywire this Saturday, and it figures to be a familiar, yet new experience. The shot list, lined script and boards are all done, the early morning ritual will remain the same, and the LightsOut core will rally to the task as always. So what's new? I know you didn't ask, but I'll tell you anyway.

This third episode (sequentially) welcomes three new actors into the fold. Return To Sender features Larissa Laurel as GRACIE, Marc Daniels as ALEX, and Misti Garritano as LEAH, and we couldn't be happier that they've joined the fun. It's always exciting to meet and begin working with new actors. It provides such a great opportunity to learn from each other and expand my understanding of just how these talented folk do what they do.

Return To Sender also represents my first experience directing something that I didn't script myself. That distinction goes to the writing team of make-up fx orchestrator and artist E.B. Martinez and D.P. Luis Martinez. I can only imagine that it will be as great a challenge for them to let go as it will be for me to interpret, but I've long wanted to take that challenge on, and I am certainly looking forward to it.

As we head into a shoot day of firsts, we are also starting to hack our way into the jungle that is the internet. In addition to the growing number of hits on our YouTube channel, Haywire now has homes on Blip.tv, SciFinal, WebSeriesNetwork, and is currently available on iTunes as well. Be sure to visit them all, give us some good ratings if you like what you see, and watch us go viral.

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