It... is... ALIVE!

First impressions are oh so important, we're told. That said, I always hope that the first peek at a new project, be it a simple assembled scene shown to the cast or a trailer posted online, serves it's purpose - to excite. I want my cast and crew to want to create more and an audience to want to see more. If it works, it feels like an injection of fuel to push through more production or post production that lies ahead. 

With Haywire, its a bit of a different animal. The first look posted today is not a trailer, nor is it merely a scene. It's a story unto itself, intended to peak interest, raise questions, and let people know a bit of what the series has in store. Unlike a trailer, the piece is just one aspect of what Haywire is. There is so much ahead, from action to horror to comedy to drama, that a half dozen more promos would be in order to capture the breadth of what we have prepared. In fact, we're so anxious to get Haywire rolling that I do believe the short was in part a way to get our fix as we head into production.



So off we go. Full episodes lie ahead. We hope you enjoy the first look, we hope to hear from you, and we hope that you will join us for the long haul.


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