More production on the preview planned

With a rough cut assembled, there is a much better idea of what raw audio and video, if any, is still needed to get to the finished product intended. Some stronger audio here, a quick insert there - pretty often I have a wish list after I view a first edit. Sometimes I'm being greedy, and the list is truly a "wish" (i.e. I wish I had a fly-over as the establishing shot). Sometimes I really need something additional to get that feel or moment that I thought I had on the day of the shoot. And of course sometimes there's just bad takes and poor audio. Unfortunately, I'm often SOL and just have to make due. When I'm really lucky, there is the time, resources, and availability of cast, crew, and location to grab those things in a second shoot. This is one of those times. The Kreh sisters will graciously be returning to the scene for a few audio grabs and insert shots. No major overhaul needed - a testament to an initial shooting day well executed. It's a great position to be in when you have the opportunity to schedule an additional shoot to make the results stronger, and a great exercise in our warmup for the Haywire Series production ahead.


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