Take One

All so familiar. Wake up, fuel up, stock up, gear up, and shoot. No matter how often you've done it or how much you've prepared, there's nothing quite like Day One.

On Sunday, April 25th we began production on Haywire with the duel purpose of testing out all of our new equipment - from camera to lights to sound - and producing a short promotional piece to serve as a first taste of the world of Haywire. In the process, the production team hoped to shake off the post-Cry hiatus rust and get ready for the challenges that a full-on web series is sure to present. With so many variables, more than a few gaffs and glitches were expected. What we got were tweaks, adjustments, and a wrap around 7pm. I'll take that every time.

Much kudos to the Kreh sisters Jacqueline and Rebecca and to Deirdre Brooks for running, then waiting, then staring at someone, then waiting, then doing it all over again. Sometimes I feel like the worst thing for the people in front of the camera is not what you ask them to do, but the time in between you asking. Waiting is exhausting.



So what did we learn on Day One? 1080p HD is fantastic and a curse all at the same time. The positive: you CAN see everything. The negative: you can see EVERYTHING. I'm looking forward to taming the beast. And audio? The noise level and depth of sound from the Tascam DR-100 field recorder is a vast improvement over our previous set-ups. With a fine-tooth-comb review of both, I'm confident that we will achieve the production quality leap intended for Haywire.

Also of note: 1) An innocent looking little girl in shadows with make-up fx on her face is creepy, but twins are downright unsettling. 2) My fragile, slatted utility room door can take quite a pounding!

So off I go into my editing cave. Actually, I have it half assembled already (I can never wait long - the curiosity of whether I got what I need/want kills me). Its chop, tweek, add fx, polish, title and score for me over the coming days. Many thanks to everyone from friends to crew for a day well used. I love it and I can't wait to roll again.



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