A working studio

Saturday saw the Haywire crew assemble at the home studio of John Lenihan in Montgomery, NY. The ever-developing studio will serve as a place to create, reherse, and will even double as a shooting location in several episodes. Easy to transform and set back from main roads and activity, it is the ideal place to dress up and capture. 


John himself will be tackling multiple duties as he writes, directs and performs in a thread of Haywire's premiere season. As TRICK MORAN, John will lead a small taskforce into the eye of the storm that the haywire-d town of Monroe has become.


Along with TRICK, the adversarial RUSSELL PHELAN will trek into the chaos, played by actor Vince Umbrino. Vince joined us Saturday for a read-through of a critical introductory scene that establishes TRICK and PHELANs relationship and the task that lies ahead.


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