Beneath the surface and back in time - Season 3 rolls

Welcome to the beginning again. With ideas in mind, gear in hand and a creative fire in the belly, we head into production of what we think will be a highly entertaining Season 3 of Haywire. It's hard to believe that the little idea that could is rolling into a third run of stories and how many wonderful and talented folk have joined us on the trek. The family seems ever-growing and we welcome and thank you all.

I think it was John Lenihan that said "It's good to start with a fun one." Now don't misunderstand - they're all fun. A bad day on set is a good day anyway when you love this stuff. In this specific case, however, the fun factor was unusually high. A Haywire Series fight for the ages between Toby (Gabe Fieramosco) and Dan the Delivery Man (Steve Hoveke). Underwater. All day. Punches, grappling, GoPro camera strapped to peoples heads, unintentional groin kicks... dogs and cats living together. Mass hysteria! It's going to kill us all to wait for this to air. Much thanks to our location hosts Josh and Maria Goldstein and to Ken "Dr. Eingurt" Sharp for the hook up.

Toby vs Dan And just to keep things weird, we followed up the kaiju big battle with a trip back in time. The Renaissance, to be more exact. In the spirit of keeping things fresh, we rolled into the local Faire for two days and captured some excellent footage for a special Season 3 interlude. We're keeping this one under wraps, but we're pretty sure you'll enjoy. Ren Faire toast So once again, we're on our way. The road is long, but we're rolling now. Join us again - I think you'll enjoy the view.

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