The Season 2 Home Stretch

The stroke of midnight on Easter of 2013 brings Haywire's 18th episode, the penultimate of our second season. It's been a while since the lastest news post, but it's been far from quiet for the Haywire crew. Just last weekend principal photography wrapped, and there is plenty of post production ahead to finalize our killer season finale that premieres on May 1st. Last shoot Originally slated for 20 episodes, the season has been adjusted to 19, providing a jam packed conclusion starting with this evening's episode "A Matter of Perspective". We'll see how Caroline and Quinn deal with the Searcher's Guild, if Howard and Madeline can survive the twisted garage sale and check in with some key characters that we haven't seen since season one.

SC05T05 - Calvin intro push in 1 Howard face to face

And so here we are, in the home stretch of our second season. There's so much going on in these last two, so much to see and hear, yet so much more to tell. A third season? We'd love to hear from you fine folks out there!
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