A walk in the park

Some of my favorite experiences of working on Haywire have been throwing characters together from different corners of the world we've created and reconnecting characters that we haven't seen together for a while. The weekend of October 5th, 2013 was one of those weekends as we gathered to shoot in local Gonzaga Park. The good Doctor Eingurt of the science team and the rambunctious Nikki face to face with the elixer toting Quinn. Caroline and Manny meeting again for the first time since that dismal encounter on the path way back in Episode 2. These are moments that an ongoing series affords, and it's times like these that I'm glad we're in that game rather than the standard feature film format. So have I just let a spoiler out of the bag? Maybe. But I'm not gonna tell you when, where, why, or what, so you'll just have to wait and see.

Nikki - Caroline Cast 1-e1381706833542 Rebecca Nyahay, Ken Sharp, Ron Trapani, Matt McCarthy and Jennifer Crane Turner

Speaking of long overdue meetings, the shoot marked the first time actors Jennifer Crane Turner and Rebecca Nyahay were in a scene together. I starting working with both about 13 years ago and they have been in every major production I've ever directed, including three feature films, but have never been in a scene together. It's been a long time ladies, and I'm so greatful to call you both my creative partners and, so much more importantly, my good friends. Cheers!

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