Wild weekend for web series Haywire

This was one for the books. It started Thursday and continued right through the weekend. 

Thursday marked the first time that Haywire exceeded 10,000 views in a single day, skyrocketing the show to #1 on Koldcast's Most Watched Show list for April 28th. Friday brought over 12,000 views. The two day surge was an exponential leap for the show, and with the continued help of our friends at Koldcast, more people than ever will be tuning in to watch the saga of a town gone mad!

Saturday at midnight saw the debut of Episode #7: The Usual Suspects. New characters, new places, and more than a few possibilities of just what might be sending Monroe into chaos. If you haven't seen it, get on that!

Speaking of Monroe, the cast and crew gathered on Saturday and Sunday to shoot Episode #9: The Ties That Bind. The installment returns us to Gracie (Larissa Laurel) and her captive, Caroline (Jenn Crane Turner), last seen in Episode #6: Grace Under Pressure begging for release.

Matt McCarthy, Larissa Laurel, Scott Klein & Jennifer Crane Turner

Episode #9 also introduces new cast member Alex Pyne as James (the son that Caroline so desperately searches for) and the return of The Hiker, brought to life by Matt McCarthy. Remember him? Take a return visit to Episode #2: The Beaten Path if you don't. "Nice day today", indeed. Episode #9: The Ties That Bind debuts on July 1st.

Things we learned on the set of Episode #9

  • The blessing of good weather on location brings the curse of people enjoying the good weather... and passing through your shots!
  • Nice weather also brings lawnmowers.
  • Lawnmowers aren't subtle.
  • Deer ticks are gross. Really, really gross.
  • Holding two bags and a golf club while trying to run to grab somebody's wrists while delivering dialogue and staying in character before the next biker rides through the shot and before the lawnmowers start up again is... challenging. 
  • Bless the cast and crew that put up with theses and numerous other obstacles throughout the weekend all while delivering the goods as they always do.


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