Haywire Episode #8 wraps

The film gods smiled upon the set of Haywire Episode #8: Rules To Live By

Typhoon-like rain on Saturday in Monroe only slightly interrupted the shoot that was scheduled for 90% interiors, pushing only a few shots into Sunday. With most of Sunday requiring outdoor shots, we needed a little bit of luck rolling into the shoot, and we got just that. A bit chilly and windy, but after an night of thunder and rain we were more than happy with the hand we were dealt.

Sal Polichetti, Colleen Conroy, Rebecca Nyahay, Jessica Buck & Donna Polichetti

Episode #8 features the return of ANNIE (Colleen Conroy), MADELINE (Donna Polichetti), HOWARD (Sal Polichetti) and NIKKI (Rebecca Nyahay), along with the infamous GARDENER (Andrea Alton), bringing Haywire back to the scene of the first episode. We also have a formal introduction to CASSIE (Jessica Buck), seen briefly at the end of Episode #3 taunting the car washing Haywire with a scrubbing sponge. Haywire also proudly welcomes to the fold Joe DiNozzi and Nilla Watkins. As? Sorry folks - you'll have to wait and see! 

PS - it's worth the wait

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