Gracie returns, Suspects rolls

The first of the month is a few days away, and that means it's Haywire time once again.

Episode #6: Grace Under Pressure catches up with Gracie (Larissa Laurel) and Alex (Marc Daniels) in the aftermath of Dan the Delivery Man's tragic haywired rampage. Look for the return of a familiar character and a moment that shakes Haywire to the core, all coming this Thursday!

Meanwhile, the Haywire team was hard at work this weekend bringing Episode #7 to life. Cast and crew assembled in chilly Montgomery, NY to shoot The Usual Suspects, returning the Haywire saga to the outside world of Trick Moran (writer/director John Lenihan) and Russel Phelan (Vince Umbrino) first seen in Episode #4: The Situation. Trick and Phelan mix it up with each other as well as new characters Kate Sebring, Rodney Eingurt (Ken Sharp), and Aaron Pelt (Arthur Chill), wrestling with what is going on in the Haywire Zone and deciding just how to handle it. As Haywire leaps into the second half of Season One, the screws are tightening and the clock has begun to tick. 

The Characters: Pelt, Phelan, Trick, Eingurt & Kate

Once again, my winter hat is off to the Herculean efforts of all involved. The time and talents of the team will show on screen.

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