Episode #5 goes live, #6 wraps

Haywire Episode #5 is set to air at midnight tonight. "Duct Tape & Demons" features a collision of characters from two episodes, as Nikki (Rebecca Nyahay, Ep.1) faces off against Willie, Manny and Toby (Michael Edan, Ronald Trapani and Gabe Fieramosco, Ep. 2) at the home base of the rag-tag crew from "The Beaten Path".


Nikki (Rebecca Nyayhay) and Willie (Michael Edan) face off.

Yesterday wrapped principal photography on Episode #6: "Grace Under Pressure". Set to premiere on April 1st, the episode features Episode #3's Gracie and Alex (Larissa Laurel and Marc Daniels) as well as Episode #2's Caroline (Jennifer Crane Turner) and a few other surprises not to be missed. Keep an eye (and ear) out for a roundtable Q&A session with some of the "Return To Sender"/"Grace Under Pressure" cast in the days leading up to the April 1st premiere.

Marc Daniels (Alex) and Larissa Laurel (Gracie) on the set of Grace Under Pressure

As Haywire approaches the mid-season mark, the threads are tightening. See you on the 1st of each month!

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