Winter wonderland - Episode 5 rolls

It was cold. Let me throw that out there first. December 4th and 5th were the shooting days for Haywire Episode #5: Duct Tape & Demons in Montgomery, New York at the home studio of co-producer and gracious host John Lenihan. The resilient cast of Ronald Trapani, Michael Edan, Gabe Fieramosco and Rebecca Nyahay stuck it out all weekend with the LightsOut core crew in the freestanding garage serving as the off-kilter base of the character Willie Hebert (Ep. 2: The Beaten Path). Get ready for some classic Haywire moments.


Clockwise from left: Michael Edan, Rebecca Nyahay, Gabe Fieramosco, and Ronald Trapani

There were punches, kicks, throws, threats, flying barrels, a baseball bat and of course, talk of demons and some duct tape. The episode is the second instance of characters crossing from one thread into another (Marc Daniel’s Alex character appears in Ep.1: The Gardener and Ep.3: Return To Sender), as the world of Haywire continues to intertwine and intensify. The sides are being taken and the lines are being drawn. Damn, this is fun.

Things I learned: 

1) I can NOT effectively stand in for someone 6'7".

2) Duct tape doesn't really stick below 32 degrees.

3) If you say there is going to be an apple to kick in the script, there better be a damn apple. 

4) Cameras don't react well to barrels thrown at them.

5) My cast and crew are apparently sent from the gods. Thanks to all a hundred times.




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