Once Upon A Time...

"So what is this 'Haywire' thing?" you might ask? Perhaps you're just getting on board. Well binge watching is all the rage, so let's do it.

Haywire Collage

So there's this light in the sky over the small town of Monroe, New York. If you were inside at the time, it's all good (for the moment at least). If you were outside and saw it? Not so good. This is Haywire and , well, you just have to see it. And now it's easy. Just click on the playlist link below, you'll pop over to Youtube, and you can see all we've got, in order, uninterrupted. Don't worry - it won't take hours upon hours and cases of RedBull. You'll be hooked and wanting more before you know it. Lucky for you, more is just a few days away! So hop to it and happy viewing.

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