Haywire earns nominations

On January 2nd, Indie Intertube announced the nominees for its 1st Annual Indie Intertube Awards. By the time Destini and Shadhavar wrapped up their live broadcast, Haywire had earned three nominations for 2010.

Best Horror

Best Make Up

Audience Choice


The Audience Choice Award will be determined by votes cast on the Indie Intertube website. Here is how you can cast your vote for Haywire.

Go here:


Near the middle of the page is a column titled "polls" with a list of all of the nominated shows below it. Click the circle next to Haywire and click the "vote" button at the bottom of the list. Done!

You can vote every half hour if you choose... kind of like a haywire 🙂

You can view the full list of nominees and watch them via links on Indie Intertube right HERE. The Awards show is January 20th at 8pm EST on the Indie Intertube website

Thanks to all of the Haywire fans, congratulations to the cast and crew, and a special kudos to our Make Up Director E.B. Martinez and her crew for our nominations. Go Haywire!  


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